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Essential Oil Lava Stone Bracelet 10mm


The Fantastic Lava Stone. Lava Stone is a Volcanic rock that is released during a volcanic eruption. When it cools down the lava will crystalizes and creates intriguing, sponge-like patterns. Lava Stone Jewelry has been used for many years.


✔️ Natural Lava Stone Bracelet. Each lava bead is unique, because of the porous nature of the material, it is ideal for absorbing Essential Oils.
✔️ Add a drop or two of your favorite Essential Oil and enjoy the aromatherapy.
✔️ The Oils will diffuse while on your wrist and you can benefit from the qualities of the Essential Oil.
✔️ Using it during your meditation or yoga and it will enhance your meditation and yoga.
✔️ Unisex design can be worn by men or women. There is No metal, ideal for sensitive skin.

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Weight 3 oz
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