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Airless Pumps with Cap and Pump 30ml (1oz) Silver Tone Clear – Set of 6


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  • ✅ ELEGANT DESIGN It’s CLEAR body with a sleek high end finish. You can look and see how much product is left in the Dispenser. Dispenses just the right amount with every pump to reduce waste.
  • ✅ IDEAL FOR BEAUTY PRODUCTS: Use for just about any DIY essential oil blends, serums, liquid soaps & light lotions (dense creams are not recommended). Great for the perfect handmade beauty gift.
  • ✅ TSA TRAVEL SIZE Allows you to carry on this size container. There are a set of 6 bottles 1 oz. (30ml) refillable high quality AIRLESS PUMP Bottle. BPA free, sterile, shockproof & leak proof.
  • ✅ REFILLABLE & REUSABLE: Now you can easily fill and refill your empty airless pump bottles with your favorite home made products or store bought versions for a handy travel size. Hand wash to re-use. Dispenses just the right amount, to reduce waste & save you more money.
  • ✅ AIRLESS PUMP: These pumps use a vacuum action instead of a straw, so you can use every drop of your product.

Out of stock

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Airless Pumps with Cap and Pump 30ml (1oz) Silver Tone Clear – Set of 6 Great for DIY Projects

These airless pumps uses an advanced technology to dispense its contents, no straw to come loose or not able to get the last drop of your product. Instead the airless dispenser uses the concept of vacuum & piston to dispense the liquid. This is a great way to reduce the amount of exposure to the air thus keeping your product safe and fresh. It is Important to note that you will need to initially fill your bottle. Once you do simply pump out the air and you are ready to go.

The 6 bottle set comes empty & ready for you to start filling with your own wonderful products. When you run out, simply unscrew the cap and hand wash the container. The Possibilities are Endless as to what you can create for yourself and your friends.

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